5 Top Bicep Techniques Usually Forgotten

1. The first technique is by far the newest out of all the techniques and that is the squat curl. A squat curl is more for power than size, but at the very least increasing your strength will allow you to build more mass later on. 

Start with a normal stance feet shoulder with apart and dumbbells parallel to your body then squat down till the dumbbells touch the ground, then spring back up and curl at the same time. You can go very heavy on this exercise and you should in order to really overload your biceps.
2. The always famous incline curls. I started to do these long ago because of how well they isolate your biceps and really force a great contraction. When starting out, use less of an angle and light weight and work your way up to your normal weight. This exercise I would do at the end of a workout because of the amazing pump it gives you.
3. 21's! Yes, the old favorite of 7,7,7 should be used every once in a while to really blast your biceps for major growth. The first 7 reps should be with heavy weight, the second set with lightweight, and the final set with very little weight. This is a great mid-workout exercise because of the cardio benefits that come along with all the reps.
4. Hammer curls. I like the hammer curl because it is really easy on your wrist and allows you to use slightly heavier weight. I use this exercise second in my workout routine to really work the outside of the bicep. When you first start doing this don't be afraid to go heavy and really push yourself to the limits.
5. Barbell negatives. Barbell negatives are a great start to a bicep workout because they train the negative, which nowadays never really gets trained. Start out with a weight you could curl just a few reps, say 3, and use your body weight to lift the weight up to the top of the lift. Once it's at the top lower the weight to the start of the lift over the course of 3-10 seconds.
If you are looking to truly make your biceps grow out of control try doing all five different techniques in one workout in any order you like. You will make more growth then you possibly could imagine!