Fluoride Anyone?

Fluoride, it's about time we discuss. This is a naturally occurring mineral which is said to help prevent tooth decay. The forms of fluoride added to our water are not natural forms.

Fluoridation began over 55 years ago with the belief it will decrease tooth decay. As of 2014, 66.3% of the U.S received fluoridated water. We are 1/8 countries in the world that supplies over 50% fluoridation. By contrast, 98% of Europe as well as China, Japan and India do not fluoridate, citing health, ethical, and ecological concerns.

Two of the forms of fluoride (fluorosilicic acid/ sodium fluorosilicate) are bi-products of fertilizer and refining industries respectively. Both the CDC and Pesticide Action Network databases clearly define these substances as extremely toxic in high amounts to humans and animals...but it's in our water.

The prestigious Lancet journal has classified fluoride as a neurotoxin and raised concern over developmental disabilities as it has been connected to lower IQ levels in multiple studies.

We excrete 50-60% of fluoride per day and the rest builds up in bones and the brain's pineal gland (extremely important release of antioxidant, anticancer, and sleep regulating melatonin).

There are multiple animal and human studies that suggest fluoride is directly implicated in the development of osteosarcoma cancers. Dr. Elise Bassin found a 5-7 fold increase in osteosarcoma in boys by age 20 when ingesting fluoridated water mid-childhood. The study that followed and disproved this finding was very poorly designed and lead by (not coincidentally) a long time Colgate editor and chief and paid consultant.

Do we need it? The answer is a resounding NO. Particularly because both countries that fluoridate and those that do not have seen very similar drops in decay since the 70's according to the W.H.O. We are adding a proven poison in low doses to everyday drinking water. Think about this...a pea sized amount of toothpaste has 0.3mg of fluoride whereas a 16 oz glass of water has 0.5mg...Why is there a warning saying to call poison control if we swallow more than we use to brush? Tag others and spread this to all 🏽.