Girls don't get big lifting weights

1️⃣ The majority of people believe that in order to lose fat, they must do endless hours of cardio because cardio burns fat. This is WRONG ‼️ 
2️⃣ While cardio does have a place in a proper training program and is necessary for good health, it SHOULD NOT be the only thing in your program. Yes, low-intensity cardio primarily burns calories, but if you are ONLY doing cardio without resistance training on lowered calories, your body will actually start eating away at your lean muscle tissue, DECREASING your metabolic rate. The longer your body stays in this type of environment, the more likely it is too slow your metabolism regardless of how much cardio you are doing. This is why you see people on the treadmill month after month, and still not losing any body fat. 
3️⃣ Despite what you've heard, lifting weights WILL NOT make you "bulky". While everyone is different, most women simply do not have the hormonal makeup to develop muscle mass at the same rate that "bulky" men do, and lifting weights alone does not determine whether you will get huge or not. However, incorporating a weight training regimen into your program with a healthy diet WILL help you BURN MORE FAT and help to develop the "tone+tight" look. 
4️⃣ Male or female, at the end of the day the only way to maintain a great looking physique is by putting equal emphasis on nutrition, weight training, AND cardio. Not just one. Getting in amazing shape is a synergistic process and requires a complete trifecta of ALL 3! (cardio, nutrition, weightlifting)