About Dr.KwaZ

The call which I had both anticipated and dreaded for the past three years was one that I received on the afternoon of Monday, July 21, 2008. My mother's voice trembled as she whispered, "It's time." I caught the first flight home later that evening.  I spent that entire evening by my father's side.  As he moved closer to the conclusion of his three-year battle with a Glioblastoma Multiforme, a brain tumor, he was incapable of physically speaking or remaining cognizant. What happened next is scarred into my memory forever.  He used his right hand to warmly embrace mine; an event which marked the single most challenging thing I have had to do thus far. I leaned over to his ear and consolingly whispered, Dad you don't have to suffer for us anymore. You can go now, we love you." At that very moment, my mother drew me back to draw my attention to his face. A solitary tear fell from each of his eyes. His grip on my hand slowly released as he took his last breath. While I was certain he was no longer in pain, I was forever changed.

It was that feeling of helplessness that sparked my passion for medicine.  My level of ignorance fueled my restless desire to study to understand my father's case. Thanks to the meticulous medical care he received at the hands of skilled physicians, he survived two additional years. The loss of my father has been an inspiration for my career and grants me the ability to genuinely empathize and sincerely care for my patients.  My original degree was in finance and accounting, and after graduation, I worked as a manager for Frito-Lays; It was at this point in my life that my father was diagnosed with a brain tumor and my mother was obligated to resign her position as a Registered Nurse in order to care for him. At the young age of 23, a significant portion of my income was sent home in order to ease the financial struggles that my family was enduring.
Since obtaining my Medical Degree in 2012 I have spent endless hours in the clinic and hospital. One reoccurring theme that continued to grow and frustrate me was the level of preventable disease and suffering. I came to the conclusion that the main reason these patients continued suffering was due to a lack of understanding and education. Because of the nature of the way physicians are paid, especially those physicians paid by Medicare or Medicaid, who usually only pay a small percentage of the bill and the doctor is expected to make up the difference. Many of these physicians feel they can not afford to take the time to educate patients and ensure that each patient understands their current situation because that takes time and the longer they spend with a patient the fewer patients they see and in turn the less money they make. So the doctor just writes a script, the patient is happy and the cycle continues in perpetuity and nothing changes. I continued to see this time after time, hospital after hospital, so I did some research and found that some experts believe that around 70% of human disease and suffering is completely preventable. That number is staggering especially considering the health care crisis going on not just in this country but in the world right now. I feel very strongly about this. We are heading in the wrong direction with health care and we need to stop and change now.
With my health and fitness system, you can stay healthy by doing things that are clinically proven to improve your health and do it before you ever actually have any disease. Upwards of 70% of disease will be prevented. I am integrating my previous experience as a Personal Trainer coupled with my medical knowledge and understanding to assist you in changing your life. My firm understanding of human physiology and medicine is helping people safely get off medications they have been on for years. I am helping people who thought they were far too busy to be healthy or eat healthy to being people who do workouts at lunch and before work because they become so passionate and energized about being better.
Why would you change? First, I will offer you a better understanding of why and how to change. Secondly, as you begin to practice the habits I teach you, you will feel physically better and gain the energy and motivation as you experience definable results. That new energy combined with the knowledge that puts you back in charge of your physical destiny will be the rocket fuel that will keep you going to successfully make lasting change. That is what I offer you. I am not here to sell you gimmicks or anything else that would be useless to you but rather I am here to educate you and give you the resources and tools to understand and change your life for the healthier. Perhaps you want to get in shape or tone up, maybe you want to compete in a bodybuilding competition or maybe you just want to be healthier or be more fit. No matter what your goals are, you need me to get jump-started. I will teach you efficiency and provide you with the tools to help you educate your loved ones, your children, and friends. I have developed a system that can be based on your lifestyle and still be effective. You will not be counting points or be on a fad diet. You will be changing your life so specifically that it will still be your life. My goal is that at some point you will no longer need me and you will be able to go out and help others live a better life as well.