Men's Fit Body Guide

  • For men of all body sizes
  • Reinvent your entire shape
  • Kick start your metabolism
  • Have abs like never before

Fit is the New Sexy

Learn healthy ways to build muscle and burn fat.  In Dr.KwaZ's Men's Fit Body Guide, we outline the most efficient ways to workout in under 60 minutes and cut cardio down to 20 mins. This complete full body training and meal regimen will have you making impressive progress.

What's Inside?

Once you purchase Dr.KwaZ's - Men's Fit Body Guide, you'll immediately see WHY it's working so well for men worldwide. They are comprehensive and filled with information that is outlined in an easy to read format.

The meal plan is custom made for you and your lifestyle. You will learn why you should eat clean, and the best ways to get started. (This will teach you the difference between what companies want you to believe is healthy and what IS ACTUALLY healthy.) The full meal plan includes a shopping list with options to substitute. Recipes for desserts, protein and veggie shakes. Most importantly, I have also included healthy, protein packed sauces to dress your meals. There's even a list of "how to" natural inexpensive body scrubs to prevent acne and breakouts. So you can shine as beautifully on the outside as you are on the in.